Basic Bible Seminar

Basic Bible Seminar

Biblical Service

Every year, in every parish the Diocese of Yangon organizes a Biblical Seminar as a part of the Basic Biblical Course. This year, the seminar was held from November 27th to 30th at our home, Divine Word Center. It was a very well organized course, conducted by the director of the Yangon Diocesan Bible Commission, Father Saw Peter, in collaboration with some lay collaborators. On Wednesday evening, only the registration of members with a brief introduction took place. For the next three days, a group of about 40 participants was busy all day long, from morning to evening. The program included many conferences, meetings, various forms of Bible work, samples of teaching to read carefully and many more. But what is the most important each day begins with a Mass in our home chapel.

It was a really good time, the time of new experiences, discoveries and teachings. Many people had learned a lot and, above all, it was a deep spiritual experience. Some people participated in this type of seminar for the first time, saw and learned many new things that will be fruitful for them as well as for the people of places where they live and work in churches and chapels. The idea of the course was not only to engage people in active participation in the seminary itself, but also to encourage them to continue work with the Bible in their own homes, workplaces and schools.

The local parishes are very large territorially with many chapels. For many people it was a time of getting to know each other better or even making new acquaintances. Seeing the atmosphere that accompanied the whole meeting, we must say that it was a good time and God’s time.

May God bless the organizers and participants of the meeting and give them the strength and grace to promote, study and diversify in using the Bible for their and others’ good.
God Bless
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