The Sunday of the Word of God

The Sunday of the Word of God

Celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God
Divine Word Center

Sunday, 26 January, marks a new observance established by the Pope in his Motu Proprio “Aperuit illis”, to be celebrated annually on the third Sunday in Ordinary Time, and to be dedicated to the celebration, study and spreading of the Word of God.

“Let us go to the roots of his preaching,” the Pope said, “to the very source of the word of life,” which “helps us to know how, where and to whom Jesus began to preach.”

Following the Pope’s wish on Sunday 26 January we celebrated the first Sunday of the Word of God in the Catholic Church. For this occasion, we invited several groups from the nearby parish church which include: Bible Sharing Group, Woman Association, Legion of Mary and the Youth Group.

It was a four-hour meeting filled with various activities. We started by welcoming all the guests, of whom there were more than a hundred, and explaining the reason for the meeting, the meaning of the new celebration established by the Pope. Then in the program we had a few speeches, interspersed with elements of local culture such as chants, dances, etc. The whole meeting was closed with a Bible Quiz followed by a speech and the final blessing by the local Parish Priest, Father Noel.

It was a very fruitful meeting for me and I hope for everyone. First of all, it gave a chance to present our congregation to people around us. It was an opportunity not only to discuss but also to show what we would like to do in the future in the diocese and what we were invited to do in Yangon Diocese. Most importantly, from our point of view, it was also an opportunity to deepen knowledge of Scripture, to get to know the idea of Catholic missions and get to know each other. It may not have been a meeting at the highest scientific level, but it was certainly a good start and a fruitful time for us as well as for the invited guests.

At this point I would like to thank very much all those who helped us in any way to prepare this meeting. Many people have made a great effort to make this meeting fruitful in various ways. Without the help of the local community it would have been very difficult to organize this meeting, so I hope that this meeting and the effort put into the organization will contribute to tightening the relations between us and the local community and will be a starting point for other meetings and various other initiatives.

Many thanks also to the local Parish Priest and the local clergy for allowing us to organize this meeting and for support at every stage of implementation.

God Bless
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